How long have you been doing what you do? Both professionally and otherwise?

I’ve been singing since I was 10, I’ve been rapping since I was in middle school. I’ve been making music since high school, and I’ve been doing music professionally for 2 years

How do you describe what you do or what your sound is like to new supporters?

My sound is for people that want good energy in their lives. I make conscious music that is carefully crafted. I rap, sing, and produce. It’s melodic, fun, youthful, relatable, deep, and comes from the soul and my real experiences

What helped you get started?

Music is in my blood and it’s always been around me. My Dad is an artist. He goes by ‘Jrod Indigo’. He makes primarily soul music. He would play me a lot of his music when I was younger. He put me on to soul, neo-soul, and pop. Michael Jackson, Prince, D’Angelo, and OutKast to name a few. My Mom never chose a career as an artist, but she always sung around the house and we would make songs for fun together. My uncle that lived with us is Rasta. He always played reggae and 90’s hip/hop. From an early age, I was heavily influenced by reggae music and conscious messages. I became a huge fan of Bob Marley’s music

What were your influences early on? At this stage in your career? (musically or otherwise) 

In middle school, I was heavy into mainstream rap. I was very inspired by artists like Lil Wayne, Drake, Kanye West, and J Cole. My Godparent’s used to often play rock, indie, and folk music around me. I became a fan of music by Death Cab for Cutie, Coldplay, and the Gorillaz. Right now I’m influenced by any music I like from any genre. My biggest influences currently are J Cole, Kendrick Lamar, D’Angelo, Frank Ocean, Blu & Exile, Drake, and of course Bob Marley

What led you to where you are now? 

Basketball built the foundation for where I am now. Basketball taught me to work hard and is heavily responsible for the work ethic I have today. I graduated high school and on a whim moved to LA with just $1000. I was 18, homeless, and lost in the world. I had talent, but no direction. I had dreams, but no plans. I kept making music and realizing who I was from within. I stopped being so infatuated with worldly possessions and became more interested in how my mind works. I cut all of the negativity out of my life and learned to use the law of attraction to the benefit of myself and the people around me. I learned to forgive others and myself. I left my ego behind. I let people help me and became more grateful for everything in life than I had ever been

What is your favorite part about making music?

Listening to the finished product and knowing ‘I did that.’







What is one thing that always comes up when you are discussing your life/yourself/your work?

Positivity. I believe that it’s the answer to every problem in life. I strive to understand how to incorporate more positivity into my life every day. I’m passionate about music. I put raw emotions into my music. It comes from the soul. I try to be careful making music when I’m angry or depressed. I want my music to help people rather than make them angrier or sadder. When I do make music out of negative emotions I try to add a taste of hope to it

An early memory about getting into your craft?

I started making beats my sophomore year of high school when I joined an elective class called ‘Music Survey’. My projects stood out from the rest of the class and I gained respect from the teacher. He would let me use the studios whenever there was a free one. I used to sneak out of my core classes (which led to bad grades) and make fake passes to give to the music teachers so they would let me use the studios whenever. Throughout high school, I kept making beats and initially thought of being a producer over anything else. I’ve been writing lyrics since elementary school, but hadn’t thought of actually writing my own songs and recording them until my junior year. That’s when I started my SoundCloud and decided I was going to be a recording artist

What are 3-5 adjectives you’d use to describe yourself/art? Positive, loving, passionate, authentic, relatable

What is your creative process like?

I like to start with a feeling, a mood, or a concept that’s applicable to me and then translate it into an idea that many people can relate to. Then I usually free write and lay down the first things that come to mind. I like to let the energy of the feeling in that moment just flow through me without putting too much extra thought into it. Sometimes I start with a beat before any of that and sometimes I choose or make the beat after I generate the concept

What are some of your career milestones?

This is unrelated to music, but it’s one of my biggest achievements. I was on of the #1 high school basketball team in the nation in 2017. As for music. Signing a great manager. Getting approval and support from Steve Rifkind. Opening for Nas. Signing with Atlantic Records

What do you hope people walk away with when it comes to your art or message?

Love in their hearts and optimism for the future

What do you aim to accomplish next in your career?

Break into the game as a breath of fresh air, get recognized by the greatest artists in Hip/Hop & R&B, and work with my biggest influences and people that can help me improve and learn to be a greater artist